Pikachu Volleyball P2P Online

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You can also play the offline web version.

You can use Replay Viewer to view the replay files.

The original Pikachu Volleyball (対戦ぴかちゅ~ ビーチバレー編) was developed by
1997 (C) SACHI SOFT / SAWAYAKAN Programmers
1997 (C) Satoshi Takenouchi

The original game was reverse engineered and implemented into
this P2P (peer-to-peer) online version by
Kyutae Lee

You can view the source code on GitHub.

Release Date: 2020-04-08

Update history

Pikachu Volleyball game screenshot

Pikachu Volleyball is an old Windows game which was developed in Japan in 1997. You can play this game here online by establishing a peer-to-peer connection with someone else also here.

The latest version of the web browser is recommended. The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers are checked and supported. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Notice: This peer-to-peer online version is not playable under the following environment. (WebRTC, which is a technology this P2P online version utilizes, cannot establish a peer-to-peer connection under the following environment.)

  • If you are using some browser extensions blocking WebRTC
  • If you are using some VPN services blocking WebRTC
  • If you are under a (corporate) firewall which blocks UDP ports
  • If you are under a symmetric NAT (As an example, 3G, 4G or LTE cellular network is commonly under this environment.)

By using the "Test network" button below, you can check your network about the two issues above.

Controls: Use the one comfortable for you. (In case of a touch/mobile device, you need a Bluetooth keyboard.)

game controls

Replay: When you click the "Save replay" button (which will appear above the game screen), a replay file — which covers from the start of the game to the moment you click the button — are saved. You can view the replay file by using the Replay Viewer.

Options: You can check the options you want.

Quick Match group: Players who have selected the same match group will be matched in the Quick Match. The closer the physical distance between you and your peer, the less lag there will likely be in the game.

Nickname: You can set your nickname below. (The default nickname is "Player".)
There's no uniqueness checking! So it does not mean you met the same peer even if they use the same nickname. You can loosely identify the peers you met on Quick Match by the partial public IP address shown below the nickname.

Quick Match Block List (0/50)
IP AddressDate BlockedRemarks