Play Quoridor against AI

Developed by Kyutae Lee

Release Date: 2019-06-21

AI Last Updated: 2019-07-16

Quoridor is a board game in which the objective is to get your pawn to the opposite side of the board. You can read the simple rules here.

This Quoridor AI is based on Monte Carlo tree search. You can view the source code and other detailed information on GitHub.

If you select "Add to Home Screen" in your browser for this page on a mobile device, the game will become an app which does not require an internet connection.

Thanks to Daniel Borowski's Quoridor AI, I learned that an AI agent could be implemented in JavaScript and executed right in the browser. As a result, I built my own Quoridor AI based on his demo.
P.S. When I was a novice Quoridor player, I trained myself with the Quoridor AI agent on Daniel Borowski's webpage:)

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